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A pharmacy in your pocket

The PillPack app helps customers manage their medications with ease.

Establishing a creative vision

Designing a mobile app is a lot of work. Before we were sketching or coding, it was important to establish what impact we wanted to have on our customers and business.

“Pharmacy in your pocket” is about making it easy and convenient to manage your medications wherever you are. This mantra drove our team roadmap, brainstorms, and design process.

Organizing the functionality

We wanted to deliver our vision in pieces instead of launching everything at once. Breaking up the functionality into use cases helped us design small features on a monthly release schedule. This iterative process helped us collect feedback along the way.


“What’s going on with my pharmacy?”


“I want to control my medications.”


“I want to control my shipments.”


“I want to update my account.”


“I have a question for my pharmacist.”

A screen to call home

The “Today” tab is the first screen you see. It helps you understand everything you can do, but focuses on medication updates. We used common mobile design patterns to help a diverse customer base feel at home. The design has been featured in Wired and the Cooper Hewitt.

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I play with photography and website design. I used to make motion graphics.

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